Week 4 of My Rune Mini Course- Ansur

Hello Traveller,

This week’s runic spirit is Ansur. Its name means ‘mouth’ and is used both when speaking about a fleshy mouth and the mouth of a river (the lower point in a river in which its current flows into the sea). In both instances the emphasis is on what comes out of the mouth rather than what goes in. read more

Week 3 of My Rune Mini Course- Thorn

Hello Traveller,

This week’s rune is Thorn. Because of its great power and desructive potential, Thorn is one of the runic spirits that requires you to understand its many aspects before it will ally with you. read more

Week 2 of My Rune Mini Course- Ur

Hello traveller,

The rune for this week is Ur.

To begin to understand the powerful spirit of this rune and what it can mean in a casting, you must get a feel for the powerful, untameable beast (sadly, now extinct) that it was named after, the aurochs. read more

Week One of My Mini Rune Course- Feoh

When I first set out to read the runes, I attempted to tackle it in the same manner I learned Tarot.

I learned a key word and concept for each rune and then set out to do readings.

What I didn’t understand then is that the runes are nothing like Tarot cards. Sure, you can divine, work magick and meditate with both but that’s where the similarities end. read more

Mini Rune Course Introduction

Runes are much more than an ancient alphabet that people have developed a way to divine with. Each

is a sigil that, when used properly, allows you to connect and work with a very specific energy.

Once you learn how to respectfully address and work with these energies, the things you can do are limitless. read more