Week 19 of My Rune Mini Course- Eh

Week 19 of My Rune Mini Course- Eh

Hello Traveller,

The rune to consider this week is Eh


This runic spirit represents two horses galloping side by side. Two aspects of this symbolism must be considered to connect with the its basic nature.

You need to consider what the horse represented during the time the runes were in use as well as the teamwork between the horses.

When you do, you’ll get a simple equation like this: transportation (horses) + loyalty (teamwork) = trusted transportation.

Based solely upon its base nature, the question asked and the surrounding runes, Eh could be saying the following things when it appears in a rune casting:

• You’ll soon be taking a trip in a trusted form of land transportation
• It’s time to pay attention to the maintenance of your car to ensure a safe trip
• You’re expecting too much from your car
• Someone is coming to visit you via a trusted form of land transportation.