Week 18 of My Rune Mini Course- Beorch

Week 18 of My Rune Mini Course- Beorch

Hello Traveller,

This week’s runic spirit is Beorch.


Manifesting in a form that represents the breasts of the earth mother, Beorch is the runic spirit of birth and nurturing.

Anything starting out that needs the support of others for it to thrive is connected to her. This principle applies mentally and spiritually as well as physically.

Depending on the question and the surrounding runes, this runic spirit could mean the following when she reveals herself in a rune cast:

• It’s time for you to give birth to an idea, a belief or a baby
• You need the support of others to make your current project fly
• She could be pointing to your mother or a mother-like figure in your life
• Someone needs your support and nurturing
• The earth mother has need of your services
• You have need of the earth mother’s services