Week 16 of My Rune Mini Course- Sigel

Week 16 of My Rune Mini Course- Sigel

Hello Traveller,

The rune to consider this week is Sigel.


This feminine runic spirit represents the sun. She gives both her heat and her illumination to the earth.

Although these things are welcome and essential for all life, her delivery isn’t always warm and fuzzy.

Quite often, the sun delivers her gifts both in a quick and direct manner. This tends to have a chaotic impact upon whatever situation you’re in when they arrive.

Depending on the surrounding runes and the question asked Sigel’s appearance in a rune casting could mean:

• An abrupt change for the better that causes some initial complications
• That the person the runes are cast for correctly understands the situation
• Clarity or love needs to be initiated or brought into the situation