Week 13 of My Rune Mini Course- Eoh

Week 13 of My Rune Mini Course- Eoh

Hello Traveller,

The rune to consider this week is eiwaz


The traditional meaning for this rune is yew.

Yew trees are associated with death because they tended to grow near graveyards and their branches were used to make long bows. Ironically, they’re associated with life for the same reasons.

For those who served the Northern deities, death in this world was merely a transition into the next. This is why most not only accepted it as the natural order but also anticipated it.

Depending on the question and the surrounding runes, Eiwaz can prophecy the following:

• A painful transition
• Someone is out to cause you misery
• It’s time to make contact with someone that’s passed on
• You must accept and anticipate pain for a time