Week 11 of My Rune Mini Course- Is

Week 11 of My Rune Mini Course- Is

Hello Traveller,

The rune to consider this week is Is.


Just as it sounds, Is means ice. As you’re aware, ice consists of frozen water.

Water set in motion is a powerful force capable of destroying anything when given enough time.

Although water retains its vast potency when frozen, the change in its molecular structure alters its actions as well. Whereas water flows, washing away anything in its path, ice stands in one spot and creates an obstacle that blocks progress.

When the runic spirit Is appears in a runic cast, it speaks of something or someone being blocked from intervening.

Depending on the question and the surrounding runes, this may be fortunate or unfortunate.

If you find something you desire being blocked, you’ll need to find a way around, under or over the obstacle. On the other hand, should something you consider negative be what’s held back, consider what you can do to avoid it once the ice melts.

Regardless of whether you wish the blocked situation to flow to you or not, it will, usually within three months. If it’s a situation you desire, you have the luxury of choosing if you want to immediately pursue it with some outside the box thinking or you want to sit tight and let it flow to you. Otherwise, know an adversary is near and take action to change your circumstances so you’re not in its path when the ice melts.