Week 10 of My Rune Mini Course- Nyd

Week 10 of My Rune Mini Course- Nyd

Hello Traveller,

The rune to consider this week is Nyd. Like the prior rune, Nyd focuses on harsh times. It’s literal translation is ‘need’.


Need is the lack of something necessary to you at any given time. It can be realised on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Once need has you in its clutches, it will slowly begin to eat you alive, spreading like a vile cancer. Unless you or someone who cares fills it, need will entirely devour you, beginning with your faith, hopes and dreams.

How this can help you to understand Nyd in a rune casting:

Depending on the question and surrounding runes, the spirit of Nyd calls your attention to a gaping hole within a situation, another person or yourself.

The hole must be filled or it will bring about the destruction of the person or situation it alludes to.

Now the person the casting is for must choose whether s/he wants to participate in meeting the need and filling the hole. Bear in mind, as harsh as it may sound, some situations and people aren’t worth saving.