Week 9 of My Rune Mini Course- Haegl

Week 9 of My Rune Mini Course- Haegl

Hello Traveller,

Today we begin the second aett. The runic spirit for this week is Haegl.


Although the joy that ends the first aett isn’t fully blacked out, it does become greatly diminished in the beginning of the second.

Once it flows into Haegl it becomes merely a promise that this too shall pass.

Haegl is a cold, severe spirit. It’s name means hail. As it matured, many dark and terrifying things were linked to it.

To understand the base nature of this runic spirit, you must consider the aspects of hail:

• It comes unexpectedly
• It hits with a destructive power
• Its flurries will blind you

Taking into account the hope that flows from Wunjo/Wyn, the question asked and the surrounding runes, Haegl will express something along the lines of the following in a rune casting:

Something  harsh and unexpected is about to happen. It will come quickly without warning, so you’ll have no time to prepare and no way to soften the blow. The only thing you’ll be able to do is commit to surviving it.

As devastating as the event is, it will eventually blow over. Providing you stayed strong, a blessing awaits you at the end.