Week 7 of My Rune Mini Course- Gifu

Week 7 of My Rune Mini Course- Gifu

Hello Traveller,

This week’s runic spirit is Gifu.


The only source for the foundational meaning of this rune is the Anglo Saxon rune poem.

It tells us that Gifu brings recognition and fame that makes one feel worthy.

Here the emphasis is on the feeling of worthiness. The recognition and fame brought won’t cause arrogance nor will it make the receiver feel indebted to the bringer. Instead, it will validate a person’s life gently and sympathetically.

How this helps you to understand what Gifu is communicating when it appears in a rune cast:

Depending on the question and the surrounding runes, Gifu could:
• Be telling you something that will validate your existence, beliefs or actions is on its way
• Be pointing out an event or object already in existence that validates a life choice you’ve made
• Be asking you to do something for or offer a gift to a broken person, showing him or her that he or she is worthy of life, love and kindness