Week 2 of My Rune Mini Course- Ur

Week 2 of My Rune Mini Course- Ur

Hello traveller,

The rune for this week is Ur.


To begin to understand the powerful spirit of this rune and what it can mean in a casting, you must get a feel for the powerful, untameable beast (sadly, now extinct) that it was named after, the aurochs.

Imagine a domestic ox with horns resembling those of a bull. Now increase the size by a wide margin.

If you were to measure it from hoof to shoulder, you’d find it stands 71 inches (180cm) and has horns that extend 31 inches (80cm) forward.

Now, imagine the bulk this large frame carried. The average weight was 3,300 pounds (1,500 kg ).

Like most bovines, these powerful creatures were herbivores and docile in nature. That is, until they were provoked. Once angered aurochs would stand their ground and fight to the death. Between, hooves and horns, even the best predators of the time found it preferable to find another source of meat whenever possible.

With this knowledge you know the following about the meaning of the Ur spirit when it appears in a reading.:

1. A powerful force is being made available to you

2. You must be wise in how you use this force because once released, it will ride rough shod over anything that stands in its path.