Week One of My Mini Rune Course- Feoh

Week One of My Mini Rune Course- Feoh


When I first set out to read the runes, I attempted to tackle it in the same manner I learned Tarot.

I learned a key word and concept for each rune and then set out to do readings.

What I didn’t understand then is that the runes are nothing like Tarot cards. Sure, you can divine, work magick and meditate with both but that’s where the similarities end.

While a Tarot card is a piece of paper covered in symbols that opens your subconscious mind so you can work with the spirits, a rune is a spirit that contains the powers of the ancient deity(ies) it’s associated with.

A rune will not open itself or ally with you unless you have an understanding of these.

In addition, I’ve found it helpful to do the following:

  • Consider the original meaning (making sure to take the time and culture into account)
  • Use your intuition and imagination to expand the original meaning of the rune and to build a story about what the rune resembles.In this mini course I’ll be sharing the original meanings of each rune and how they can help you understand and interpret it.In the near future, I’ll be putting together a complete course on the runes which will expand upon the meanings you’re currently learning, go into the mythological stories and teach you to intuitively build upon these foundations so you can develop a deep personal relationship with all 24 spiritsThe rune for today is FeohFeoh literally means cattle. In the old times, the Germanic people were essentially nomadic, so cattle were their most important possessions. In addition to providing food, cattle could be used in purchasing and trading.

    Although a brilliant currency, cattle require a great deal of work to maintain and protect.

    Therefore, when Feoh comes up in a rune casting, it symbolises money or an object you desire and can have provided you’re willing to work hard to obtain it.